Ghosts Full Length CD
Our last full length!
released on Nakatomi Plaza Records with art by Jon Loudon.

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Unsettled Full Length CD
Our 3rd full length!
released on Red Leader Records with art by Beth O'Brien.

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Frog Octopus Wolf EP

Features 2 songs from Unsettled plus 3 previously unreleased tracks.
track listing:
  The Strikes
  Not Hopeless
  The Ghost Intrigue (previously unreleased!)
  Retro Is Really In This Year (demo version)
  The Finish Line (demo version)

Out of Print.

Digital version available:

Private Property Full Length

the Immigrant Sun Records re-release of Private Property
released in 2002 (Kill 0025-2)
- 3 Additional Songs! New artwork!
- Remixed and Remastered!

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Private Property CD EP
$7.00 + shipping

The original 7 song EP
released on Gunboat Records in 2001

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by Chester Copperpot Full Length
$8.00 + shipping

our first release!
released in 1999 on BD Records

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Unsettled 12" LP
$8.00 + shipping

out on Brightskull Records
with art by Beth O'Brien.

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Nakatomi Plaza / Latterman split 7"
$3.00 + shipping
a BD / RokLok / SOT split-label release
released in 2000
nakatomi side:
  RE: hey
  i wish everyone was as smart as alison

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Nakatomi Plaza / Frenetics split 7"
$3.00 + shipping

a Fans Of Bad Productions release
nakatomi side:
  hurray for one good eye

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