We're just having bad luck all around this month. Sorry we had to drop off last night's bill, but Al burned her left hand and arm pretty bad yesterday evening right before we were supposed to leave Brooklyn. She'll be alright, but there was really no way she was going to be able to play last night. Much apologies to Mike, the bands, and anyone that attened the show.

Our record release show last Sunday went really well, thanks to everyone who atteneded. Unfortunately, With Every Idle Hour had to drop off the bill due to band illness, but Kyle Wilson (of Milagres and Pintsize fame) swooped in and seraned us all in their place.

That's all for now, we hope everyone has a good holiday. (Oh, and don't the Private Property cds make good stocking stuffers?)


Hey all! Because we've had so much trouble with scheduling and finding an all ages venue to host our record release show, we're going to make our show tomorrow afternoon our RECORD RELEASE PARTY! So please come down if you can, the show is at Tobacco Road (351 W.41st St. at 9th Ave., NYC), doors are at 3pm. We go on second around 4pm but please try and get their early so you can catch our good friends, With Every Idle Hour.



Unfortunately, we won't be able to play the show today at Ren's due to some ill band members. We're extremely sorry about dropping off the bill, we were really looking forward to playing. Please go to this show, as I'm sure the Assistand will rock your socks off. We're going to take the day to rest and get better, and then next Sunday (December 8th) we're going to rock out at Tobacco Road with our good friends, With Every Idle Hour.


Less than one week until the new Private Property cd is out in stores! You can read a review of the new cd online at CalamityProject.com.

A bit of bad news ... it turns out that Above the Right Bank is now enforcing a 21+ policy, so we're trying to move our record release show to an all ages venue. I get more and more angry every day about NYC's lack of all ages venues (one by one they get taken away). It's more blind rage than anger. I'm so infuriated. More than peeved.

If anyone can help us out by providing an all ages space for our record release show or maybe a suggestion for whom to call, please get in touch.


Only two more weeks 'til the record comes out! Please keep an eye out for it at your local record stores, or you can order it from us before it's out!

We also have more shows scheduled. Our December 8th show is still happenning, however, our record release party is now on December 14 at Above the Right Bank in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check the shows page for moe info.

One - two - three - GO!


Hey all. I saw Explosions in the Sky again last night. And I've been listening to their record non-stop since last weekend. Good times.

There are pop up ads all over our message board that we didn't know would be there. We're trying to fix the problem right now. In the meantime, we've taken down the board. Sorry for the inconvience; it will be back online soon.

Thanks again to everyone that made it out to the Immigrant Sun showcase on Wednesday. Our next scheduled show is our record release party for "Private Property" in NYC on December 8th. In the meantime, we'll be auditioning new drummers and possibly recording 3 new songs.

Did I mention that I love Explosions in the Sky?


Yo! Tomorrow night is the Immigrant Sun Records / CMJ Music Marathon Showcase at the ACME UNDERGROUND. Info is above, we go on around 8:30pm, so please come out if you can! We'd really appreciate it.

Thanks to the Fan Club Collective for bringing us up to Cornell last Saturday. We had a great time, and all of you should go check out Explosions in the Sky and Killowatt Hours. Both were insanely amazing.

Nakatomi Plaza is looking for a new drummer. We are looking for someone who lives close to the NYC area, has a flexible schedule to allow for a decent amount of touring, is creative, is hard-hitting but with a nice touch, has really solid time, is well-versed in different kinds of music, can play in odd meters, and if you've toured or recorded before that's a plus. Interested parties should email us or call 718.diy.8337.



Hey everyone! First of all, we have our new cd "Private Property". We'll be selling it at our shows, and you can also order it from us right now on the website before it's in stores on November 26. We're really happy with the new mixes and the new artwork, so we hope you'll check it out.

This coming Wednesday, October 30th, we'll be performing at the Immigrant Sun Records / CMJ Music Marathon Showcase at the ACME UNDERGROUND. We'd really appreciate it if you could come out and support us that night. Everyone is really upset (including us) that this show is 21+, so we're asking that if you are underage and want to come to this show (or if you care about more shows being all ages in NYC) please call the ACME at 212.677.6963 and complain and/or email us and let us know that you are planning on coming.

Alright, that's it for now. We rock Ithaca on Saturday!


Last night was such a disaster. We're sorry we didn't make it to the Against Me! show in NJ last night, but we were absolutely defeated by the traffic and the rain. We really wanted to play in NJ, and eventually, we will.


We played last Tuesday night with Army of Ponch. They're on a 7 week tour right now, so go see them when they come to your town 'cause they rock really hard!


Tonight we rock with Army of Ponch! This Friday we rock with Against Me! and Books Lie in New Brunswick! Go to the shows page for details. And check out the new message board!


Check it out...

Hey all. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported the Green Party / Waterfront Taskforce party last Saturday night, it was much appreciated. (Shout out to Joel's crew for making us feel like rock stars). But seriously, it was awesome to see so many people supporting an event like this.

I'm psyched to announce that we will be playing the CMJ / Immigrant Sun Records showcase on Wednesday, October 30 at the Acme Underground in NYC. I realize there are a million shows going on that night, but we'd really appreicate it if you could come down to support us and the other Immigrant Sun bands.

We're also playing tomorrow night at Local 7 in Farmingdale, and then again next Tuesday at Ren's house with Army of Ponch! They rule, so everyone should try and come out to that show. Also, we're finally making our way back upstate to play at the Jam at Cornell U. on October 26. We'll relay more info about that show once we have it.

The new "Private Property" full-length cd is at the plant as I write this, and things are running on schedule so keep an eye out for it!

I guses that's it for now. C Ya!


Hey everybody! Al and I saw Mr. Show tonight. Those guys are funny.

The new "Private Property" was mastered this past Tuesday, and I think you'll be psyched when you hear it. We'd like to thank West West Side for doing such an amazing job giving our cd the final touches it needed. The artwork is also done and being sent out tomorrow and it looks sick. I should be posting the cover art shortly.

Last weekend we got to rock out with Breaking Pangaea and Run Like Hell at Tobacco Road in NYC. That space is really awesome, and the staff there is totally cool. The bands rocked (as if Breaking Pangaea wouldn't deliver) really hard. If you live near the city you should try and go to the Sunday all ages matinees there. You can get all the info at www.gooseisdeadproductions.com. Trust me, you'll have fun.

Well, I guess that's it for now. We're playing more shows in the NYC area these days. Go to the shows page to check it out. (Did someone say Green Party Benefit?)

Check it.


Yo. So last week, I played guitar on one song with the Weakerthans at their show in Hoboken. They invited anyone to come up and play, and no one else watned to so I did it. And it was one of the COOLEST things I've ever done!

Our fall show schedule is up in the air, and we might not be playing as many shows as we had planned. However, we did get asked to play a last minute show in NYC this Sunday, September 15 at Tobacco Road. Please try and come out if you can, the show is with Breaking Pangaea and you know they will rock. We're also playing a Green Party Benefit somewhere in Williamsburg on September 28 (more info on that soon).

We've heard the final mixes done for the new edition of our record Private Property, and they sound fantastic! A big thanks to Sean and John for putting a smile on Oscar's face. Oscar is going to have the record mastered next Tuesday, and if all goes well, it will be released on Tuesday November 26th on Immigrant Sun Records (with the record release show being December 1 at Tobacco Road). Oscar will stop referring to himself in the 3rd person.

End transmission.


Hello! We got back from tour last night, and we're psyched to be home. Tour was amazing and the shows were great. Much thanks to all the promoters, the venues that hosted the shows, the bands that rocked our world, everyone who let us sleep on their floor and fed us , and all the kids that came out to support us; we really appreciate it. Much thanks and love to Aaron, Miguel and Man Without Plan,.

We're playing this Saturday in Gloucester, MA (and we're glad to be going back). We're planning some shows for September and a crazy amount of shows for October. We'll post all that info soon.

Crazy? Yes.

In other very important news, we're happy to announce that Immigrant Sun is going to be re-releasing our record "Private Property". The tracks are being remixed as I post this by our good friend and With Every Idle Hour hot shot Sean Hanney and fellow guitarmatron John Herrit. This re-released version of the cd will feature the 7 songs of the original release (remixed and remastered!) plus 3 new songs ("Hooray for One Gooe Eye" from the Frenetics split 7". "Boy Wonder" from the Immigrant Sun / One Day Savior sampler, and "Our Hero Exits Stage Left..."). If all goes well,, the record should be available in stores on November 26. I'm excited (can I say that?).

Believe it, or not.


Hey all! We leave for tour on Saturday, check out the shows pages for details...hope to see you on the road!


Just wanted to say thanks to the Red Light Sting for coming down, rocking out, and having a good time with us this past weekend. Also, thanks to Death From Above, everyone at 685 Walt Whitman, Grid Iron, and all the kids that came out to this last minute disaster, it was so much fun and I'm glad the show actually happenned.


This is an important update. Due to some major complications, the show scheduled this Sunday at 59 Jefferson in Brooklyn has been MOVED to 685 Walt Whitman Road (Rt.110) in Melville, NY. Melville is about 40 minutes east of Brooklyn. The show is at 4pm and will feature The Red Light Sting (ex-dbs, from Vancouver), Death From Above (also from Vancouver), Grid Iron, and Nakatomi Plaza. Your best bet for directions is to go to mapquest, but Adam gave me some directions from the L.I.E.:

-LIE east to exit 49 N
-go about a mile north and it'll be on your left hand side across from Kinkos
-more info: akuhn79@hotmail.com, or call 631-673-8363 if you get lost

Sorry if this is inconviencing anyone planning on attending. We're really appreciate it if you could make it, the bands are great and they've traveled a long way to perform.

Due to other complications, we also have to drop off the August 10 bill in NJ. But please go to this show anyway, all the bands playing rock and Pete from Give Me Danger is a swell guy. (The best guy?) Tell him I said hi.

Thanks to Rachel, all the bands, and Local 7 folks for making last night's show really special, we had a great time. Good luck to Rachel and Delta Dart on their tour!

Check the shows page for updated tour info!

Some of you might have recently picked up a cd sampler from Immigrant Sun and One Day Savior. You might have also noticed that we have a new song on there called "Boy Wonder". If you haven't yet picked up a sampler, stop by our merch table to pick one up; they're free. You can also get them from Lumberjack, Immigrant Sun and One Day Savior, and from bands on both labels. Enjoy!


Hi all. First of all, the show on Sunday on Long Island has been cancelled. But we have a ton of other really awesome shows coming up. And on August 4, we're putting on a show in Brooklyn, NY at 59 Jefferson St. #402 for our good friends in the Red Light Sting and Death From Above. Both bands are from Vancouver, BC Canada and the RLS has members from the band DBS. I believe this is their first time playing in NYC, so if you can please make it out to the show it would mean alot to us and them.

Tour booking is going well. Mostly everything is confirmed, but we might still need a hand with Friday August 16 near Philly and August 21 in Rochester. But we're totally psyched to be going! (It feels like it's been a while.)

That's it for now. Check ya.


We played our first 2 shows with our new drummer Andrew Destafano this past weekend! They went really well and we'd like to welcome him to the band. The last couple of weeks have been spent rehearsing the "not so OLD" and writng "the NEW". Hopefully we'll be in the studio by October with a batch of new songs.

But for now, we do have our new split 7" with the Frenetics which you should check out!

We still need some help with our August tour with Man Without Plan. If you can help us out with any of the dates on the shows page where we need help please email us.

I guess that's it for now. Sweaty Sweaty Sweaty.


Happy summer.

Our new split 7" with the Frenetics is finally out! Our side features the song "Hooray for One Good Eye". And the Frenetics side will rock your butt off! You can order it directly from us for $4ppd (well-concealed cash or check or money order payable to Oscar Rodriguez.....send that to Nakatomi Plaza c/o BD Records POB 860 NY, NY 10268-0860).

We're trying to bring out as many kids as possible to the Knitting Factory show this Sunday. It's a benefit for Amnesty International. We're selling advance tickets for this (it's $10 in advance, $12 at the door) and if you want a ticket all you have to do is email us. Please come out and support this event. I mean, c'mon, it's for Amnesty, it's at the Knitting Factory and I'm sure it'll be air conditioned.

Love, oscar


Hey all. We're excited to announce that we're hitting the road for a small tour in August with our friends in Man Without Plan. The tentative dates are up on our shows page. If you can help us out with an all ages show or a promoter's email/phone number we'd really appreciate it.

That's all for now. Get back to work!


This past weekends' shows were absolutely beatiful. And rocking. Much thanks to Standfast for bringing us to Rochester (our first time there ever!) to rock out to a packed house of really enthusiastic kids. It was sad to see Standfast and Break of Dawn rocking out for their respective final times, but I'm so happy we were there to witness it all. Thanks to John 25 for organizing the show.

Last night, in Ithaca, Liam Hurley played his final show with Nakatomi Plaza. It means so much to us that he played with us for as long as he did, and we can't ever thank him enough for being an amazing friend / bandmate. Thanks to the Fanclub for giving us a place to rest our very weary heads. To the bands that played last night, thanks for making the evening festive and rocking. And to Aaron and Josh, and everyone that came to the show, thanks so much for rocking out with us and Liam one last time. You all made it very special.

I heard some of the most sincere things ever said this past weekend. And I won't ever forget it.


Hi kids! I'm happy to say that Nakatomi Plaza is getting ready to play shows again so if you'd like us to play your show, please email me. Also, we just finished recording another new song with Sean and John at APT. It was Liam's last recording session with us, so we'd like to thank him and Sean and John for doing such an amazing job on the recording (and for putting in the extra late night hours!).

Don't forget, we're playing the last Standfast show in Rochester on June 1, and the we're playing in Ithaca the next day. The Ithaca show is absolutely positively Liam's last show with us, so you definately don't want to miss it!

I guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading.


Hey all. I know it's a little late to talk about this but Macrock was absolutely amazing. Thanks to all the WXJM kids and bands and peeps that made the weekend something very special for us.

We've managed to brainwash Liam into playing STANDFAST'S LAST SHOW EVER! Go to the shows page for details. Also, we just got the test pressings for our split 7" with the Frenetics and they sound great, so keep an eye out for those.

We're still auditioning drummers so please email me if your interested in trying out. Thanks!


The show last Friday was tons of fun, thanks to Ramon and the bands for the good time. This weekend is Macrock (a 2 day pass is only $20!) and we're playing on Saturday Apsil 6 around 5pm at the Godwin gym. The showcase schedule is up on the shows page. If you're going to be at the conference, please try and catch us (we could use all the support we could get!). Earlier in the day, Al and I will be at the BD Records table at the label expo where we'll be giving away this year's BD cassette sampler which contains a few not yet released goodies.

Unfortunately, Macrock will probably be the last time you'll be able to see us perform with Liam on drums. (That should be reason enough for you to get down there this weekend!) In the meantime, we are still auditioning drummers. If you live close to NYC and play drums please email us. If you've been in a band that's toured and recorded that's a plus.

Our split 7" with the Frenetics will almost be at the pressing plant. Keep an eye out for that around the summer time.

I guess that's it for now, enjoy the weather.


Hi everyone. There's a lot of news to put up today, both good and sad.

First the good news. Recording with Sean and John last weekend went really well. We'll be hearing the final mixes next Wednesday. Also, we've gotten word that we'll be performing at Macrock in April along with many amazing bands. Al and I will also be doing the label expo again this year during the conference, and if you can make it down there please do so ...Macrock is just an all around good time.

Now the sad news. After three years of rocking out behind the drums, Liam has decided to leave the band. He will be playing with us up until and including the Macrock conference. The rest of us are very dissappointed about his departure, but we wish him the best of luck in the future. (Thanks for everything, dude ... you will be greatly missed!)

In the meantime, we are currently auditioning full-time drummers. If you or someone you know is interested, please email me. Thanks.


Hey! Hopefully by tonight there will be some new pictures up (mostly from last summer's tour) on the Media page. We also have about a killion shows coming up so check out the shows page for that stuff. This weekend we'll be recording two new songs with Sean and John; we're really psyched to put these on tape. Last weekend we rocked Ithaca, Buffalo, and Syracuse. We want to send a big thank you over to the kids at the Fanclub for keeping us warm and cooking us food, to Jess for coming along and helping us out, and to Josh, Nick and Dan for the shows. We had a great time.

The Ithaca Times did a short piece on us, you can see it on line here.

Special thanks to Standfast for modeling the latest in Nakatomi sportswear.


Hope you're all staying warm. Tour was amazing. We'd like to thank Mike Riley, Pat Like Rain, crazy dog Jimmy, Lariat and Endicott, The Kansas House, Churner, Funrama, Breaking Will Pangaea, the BRYCC House, Ursa and Jaime, Ella (thanks for the guitar!), Give Me Danger, the Madison kids, WZRD, the Fireside Bowl, Failure Design, Todd in Chicago, Rhino's and the Rise Over Run kids in Bloomington, Manny at MIT, Tabla Rosa, and anyone else that helped us on while we were on the road. .

Big hugs to Standfast for being great touring mates.

And a big fuck you to the snow and to the truck that hit the van the night before we left. When the revolution comes you'll get yours.

We have some shows coming up, go to the shows page to check it out. Thanks for reading!

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