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We've been added to this Friday's Deuces Wild Productions show with Dearly Departed, Satellite Lost (record release / last show ever!), Con Amore (ex-Regarding I), Slingshot Dakota, and Sean & Sergei of With Every Idle Hour. Please come by if you can and definitely get there early because the show will most likely sell out. More info on the shows page.

Also, don't forget that tomorrow night we'll be playing at North Six with Circle Takes The Square, Gospel, and Heston Rifle. Please get there early for this show as it also will most likely sell out.

Thanks so much to our friends and fans for making 2005 such an amazing year for us. Thank you for coming to our shows, buying our records, and giving us all your support. I was going to wait a few weeks to announce this, but expect to see the official release of "Unsettled" this Spring! It'll be released by us and distributed by the newly formed company, The Family Business which is an extension of the Ace Fu Records family (thanks to Tai for hooking all this up!).

Now go give yourselves an ear massage with Nels Cline / Gregg Bendian's "Interstellar Space Revisted", Jeff Beck's "Beck-Ola", Rahim's "Jungles", and Explosion In The Sky's "How Strange, Innocence".


Happy holidays!


We've been added to the Circle Takes The Square / Gospel show at North Six on Thursday, December 29th. You don't want to miss this show!!


Hello everyone! We've been back in NYC for a few days now, the rest of our tour was awesome and we want to thank all our friends and fans that came out to support us as well as all the promoters and venues (Cameron, Jamie, Cory, Ayin, Springwater, KorKeya, Daniel and Vestal, Tony and No Idea, History and Will's Pub, Phil and The Milestone, Matt, Clair and Relative Theory, Josh and Luigi's, Matt and the Warehouse Next Door, Metroplex and Club 218, Avec, Moviegoer, and The Talking Head), the bands we rocked with, and anyone that gave us a place to crash or some food. We also want to send lots of love and a big thanks to Phil Price for coming on the road with us (you have the patience of an ox with a work ethic to match, not to mention a generous sense of humor and a contagious positive attitude; you're the best!). Everyone go check out The Lovekill and Fire When Ready when they come to your town 'cause they both rock. If you're in need of some inspiration, go watch Walk The Line.

If you're ordering shirts from us please email us to check for their availability as the pull-down menus no longer reflect the current inventory (hopefully this will be updated soon). Thanks to everyone who has been purchasing our stuff over the internet, your support (and patience!) is greatly appreciated.

We are only going to be playing a couple shows in December, so peep the shows page for info on those. We're going to spend time this month working on new (and old!) material, getting the official release of "Unsettled" together, and solidifying our tour schedule for the Spring of '06.

Destined for the history books but not the Masses, and that's ok...
-Nakatomi Plaza


To our friends and fans in Daytona Beach, we're sorry the show got cancelled last night and we're sorry there wasn't an update sent out immediately but we weren't near an internet connection. We'll be back down there soon...

Thanks so much to everyone (especially Tony! Thanks dude!) involved with running The Fest 4 this year, we had a blast hanging out, watching all the bands, and playing. Shame on you if you missed Bullet Train To Vegas as the totally tore it up onstage.

We rock Huntsville, AL tonight, see you there!


We're on TOUR!! RIGHT NOW!!! Also, check out the December issue of Alternative Press where Unsettled got a 4 out of 5!!

The shows so far have been amazing. Thanks to Avec, The Talking Head, Moviegoer, Metroplex, Club 218, Motumbo's Hospital, Matt Bidwell and the Warehouse Next Door, Dr. Hail, and Shock Cinema. Special thanks to our tourmates in Fire When Ready for being awesome dudes, it's great to be out with such an honest, hard-working, happy band.

From rags to riches,
Nakatomi Plaza


Hello Friends
Nakatomi's playing our tour kickoff show tomorrow night at Trash. It also happens to be a SONYC.INFO party complete w/ an OPEN BAR from 9pm-10pm (yup, while we play). We'll also have our new shirts, so if you want to support us financially please come by and check them out and pick one up, they look awesome. We are also still selling advance copies of our new record "Unsettled." With our tour just around the corner, we could use all the support we can get...

Info is below, see you there!

Trash, 256 Grand Street (betw Driggs Ave & Roebling St.) Williamsburg, Brooklyn
$8, 21+, OPEN BAR FROM 9-10!

Bands Performing:
8pm Fixer (
9pm Nakatomi Plaza (
10pm Namanista (
11pm The Bosch (
12am 777's (

Also peep the shows page for more info on our tour. Thanks!


Thanks so much to everyone that came out to support us this past (rainy) Saturday at CBGB's. We had so much fun playing. Also, thanks to Josh at CBGB's, Rich Hall at 1000 Knives, Emery, Gym Class Heroes, Gatsby's American Dream, and As Cities Burn. Special thanks to Jimmy Nevada again for helping us set up and tear everything down, and thanks to him and JT for helping us carry all the gear back up to our practice space (the elevator broke).

We're playing at the Artspace this Saturday and we'd love to see you there. Wear a costume, it's their Halloween Extravaganza!

Peep the pictures page for new pics from our May tour with Bullet Train To Vegas and our August tour with Avec.

Thanks again for your continued support!


We're playing at CBGB's this Saturday, October 22 with Emery, Gym Class Heroes, Gatsby's American Dream, and As Cities Burn. This is our first show since Al had her hernia surgery so please come by, rock out, and offer her a congratulations on a successful operation, she deserves it. We play first at 7pm, click here to buy tickets online.

We're heading out on tour soon with The Lovekill and Fire When Ready but we still need some help booking some shows in VA, FL, and GA. If you live in those states and think you can help us, please get in touch.

Nakatomi's being featured on SONYC.INFO, check it out!

More info coming soon on the official release of our record "Unsettled" as well as tons of pics from the tours we did this past year. In the meantime, you can buy advance "tour edition" copies of Unsettled by clicking here. Thanks, see you all soon...


Please check out the shows page. We have some updates for some appearances in late October and for our tour in November!

Also, if you're Kevin Shacket from Orlando, FL and you're reading this please get in touch regarding your tee-shirt order. I've been trying to write to you but your emails keep getting sent back to me. Thanks!


I am totally exhausted and still recovering from last week's CMJ conference. Thanks to CMJ and the Cake Shop for hosting our showcase last Thursday, and thanks to all of you that came out to show your support. We had such a great time playing. Sorry again to everyone in Upstate NY for not making it out to the shows with Bullet Train To Vegas and The Valley Arena, it just wasn't in the cards for this time. We will be back as soon as we can.

Our next shows won't be until late October, and those shows will be followed by our November tour down to The Fest 4. Keep checking the shows page for more info. And if you think you can help us out with some show or promoter info for the dates marked "help" please get in touch. In the meantime, we will be working on some new material, figuring out more details about the impending cd (?) release of "Unsettled", and finalizing the details for the even more impending vinyl(!) release of "Unsettled". Also, one of us will be going under the knife...

But yeah, um, vinyl! How cool is that?


Hey everyone. Thanks to all our friends that came out to my birthday show last Saturday at the 169 Bar, thanks for all the greetings, and thanks for the Happy Birthday sing-a-long (lead by Lou of course). And thanks to the 169 Bar and thanks to all the bands that played, you guys all rocked it!

Please come support us this Thursday at the Cake Shop in NYC at our CMJ Music Marathon showcase. We're also sorry to say that we had to drop off our shows with Bullet Train To Vegas for this weekend due to Saturday's show cancellation and these insane gas prices. But no worries, we will be back in upstate NY soon.

Keep checking the shows page for updates, there are alot of things in the works for October and November like a Halloween show at the Artspace, some local action here and there, and our tour down to The Fest. On that tour we'll be meeting up with our good friends in Fire When Ready and The Lovekill. Once more shows get confirmed I'll post all the info.

Thanks again for all your continued support! It means so much to us!


TONIGHT! We're playing at the 169 Bar in NYC (169 E. Broadway) with Fire When Ready, With Every Idle Hour, Puppies, and my good friend Hightower Smith! Music starts at 8:30pm, $7, 21+, please stop by! It's doubling as my birthday party!


And Lou's another year older... Thanks so much to everyone that came down to the Delancey last Friday to rock out with us and celebrate Lou's birthday. Kudos to you if you participated in the Happy Birthday sing-a-long. Double kudos to Marc the sound person for getting Lou's family into the show.

Next show: Oscar's another year older...


We had such a great weekend! Thanks to Sebastian, The Teen Center, all the bands, and everyone that came and rocked out at Saturday's show in Gloucester. The show was energetic and you all were so enthusiastic; we really enjoyed the whole night, thanks! And thanks to Sam Kassirer for housing us for the night and then taking us pond swimming!

We're playing at The Delancey this Friday, see you there!


Hey everyone. Due to the loss of some sponsorship for XForm Worldwide our internet appearance this Sunday has been cancelled. We may do an internet radio show with XForm in the near future...

Also, I've started listing the info for our dates with Bullet Train To Vegas and The Valley Arena following our appearance at the CMJ Music Marathon. Thanks to both bands for having us along! Please visit our shows page regularly as I will update all the info once I get it.

And to those of you who live in Gloucester, we'll see you tomorrow!


We're home from tour. The show at the Mercury Lounge was so awesome, thanks to ML, Channels, Pilot To Gunner, and the many people (including my family) that braved the intense heat and made it out. Thanks so much to everyone that helped us out with the tour, it wouldn't have been possible to do without you. Special thanks to our tourmates in Avec. They're amazing people and musicians and it was a real pleasure to play all those shows with them. The only downside of touring with Avec is that because they're so good we had to really make sure we were on top of our game every night. But that's a good thing, we like the challenge...

Lots to tell: This Saturday we're playing in Gloucester, MA at the Teen Center, and on Sunday we'll be doing a Live Internet Television performance/interview which you can view at X Form Studios at 5pm. Should be fun. Then on Friday, August 26 we're playing at The Delancey so please come out if you can. We're also being featured at the CMJ Music Marathon on Thursday, September 15 at the Cake Shop. More regional shows will follow in October before we tour down to the Fest 4 in November.

No rest for the wicked.


Hey! Last night's show in Binghamton was bonkers. Thanks to everyone there for dancing and singing (screaming!?!?) our lyrics back at us, we had a great time. (Phil, you're the best.) Anyway, we're driving to NYC in a bit and if you're around please come support us tonight at our homecoming show at the Mercury Lounge on 217 E. Houston St. We're playing with Pilot To Gunner (Eric's friends), Channels (ex-Gov't Issue!), and of course, our wonderful tourmates, Avec (Baltimore indie-thrash-hip hop with a twist). Peep the info on our shows page.

This tour has been great. We haven't been on the road this far away from home in over a year, so thanks to everyone for their support. It means a lot to us. Plans are underway for a bigger jaunt in November down to the Fest 4 in Florida and back... rock on.

08.12.05Hello from Cleveland, OH. Tour's going great, we had an awesome show in Chicago with the Kickers and All Limbs Intact at the Beat Kitchen. Louisville was great 'cause everyone was smiling and made us feel at home (which they always do, we love that town!). Nashville was fun and so was Indianapolis. Last night's show in Akron, OH was at this amazing all ages space called Orange St. You could tell the place was run by touring musicians because the sound was pretty good, the people that worked there were nice, they had a wireless internet connection, and a 24-hour laundromat across the street. Good times.

Sad to say that our tour with Avec is winding down but we still have two great shows coming up; tonight in Binghamton and then tomorrow at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. Please come by if you can, thanks!


Tonight's show at the Milestone was awesome. Thanks to Phil, Neil, and all the bands for showing us a good time. Thanks also to all our NC fans that we didn't even know we had, your support is appreciated. Special thanks to Ben from Mona Ray for running out to our van and grabbing a functional mic stand for me.

6 hours of sleep, then a 6 hour drive to Nashville. Rock on.


We're on TOUR!


Hey everyone. Tonight we're playing a FREE show in Seaside Park, NJ at the Sawmill (Greenroom) with The Goons Of Doom and The Postman Syndrome. Please come by if you can. And this Thursday night we're kicking off our tour with another FREE show in Philly, PA at the Mill Creek Tavern. Then we're meeting up with our friends Avec the next day in Baltimore and we'll be with them through August 13 when we play at the Mercury Lounge in NYC with Pilot To Gunner and Channels. We're so excited about this tour because we haven't been to some of these towns in the mid-west in almost 2 years, so please come to the shows and rock out with us.

There's lots of stuff in the works for the Fall like the CMJ Music Marathon showcase, (possibly) more dates with our friends in Bullet Train To Vegas, and another (longer) tour in November that'll bring us down to The Fest 4 in Gainesville, FL. And maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to find our new cd Unsettled in your local record store. Keep your fingers crossed; stay cool.


Hello! Thanks to everyone that stayed out so late last Wednesday to watch us at Piano's, we had a great time playing for you all. And thanks so much to Kathy and everyone else that was involved with the Woman's Space benefit we played last Friday, we had a great time there as well and we're really proud to have been involved with an event centered around such a good cause.

Free show at The Trash Bar tomorrow night, free show in NJ next monday, and then TOUR with Avec! I'm excited; see you all soon!


Hello! Thanks so much to everyone that came out to our show last week at the PCL. A fun (and interesting) time was had by all. We have a lot of shows coming this month before our tour with Avec in August, so come catch us in town before we leave!

This Wednesday, July 20 @ Piano's
Friday, July 22 @ Femme-Fest (Rahway, NJ)
Tuesday, July 26 @ Trash

Click on the shows page for full details.

We are still talking to various labels about releasing "Unsettled" and we haven't really sent out the record to be reviewed, but our friend Ryan from Hanging Hex went ahead and uploaded his thoughts on our new album to the information uber-highway. Click here, then click on "zine", then click on "reviews" and scroll down and click on our name to see what he thinks...

All of our tourdates for August are confirmed, though we are still awaiting info for our Ohio and Binhamton shows. We'll be selling advance copies of "Unsettled" at these shows. Thanks so much to everyone who's been buying the record and our other merch at shows and via mailorder, the support is appreciated!


We had a pretty crazy time in Pennsylvania last weekend. First, we stopped at the Great American Guitar Show, where I purchased a '74 Fender Mustang bass and Joel bought a '66 Fender Mustang guitar, and all the string players in New Electric bought $3 tee-shirts that say "Guitar Player" (how creative). Then when we were unloading the van at The Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, a mic stand decided to get unruly and hit Oscar square on the head (said mic stand is now in the corner, thinking about what it's done) and then we played not one but two sets(!) due to another band's cancellation. The rest of the evening consisted of a late Chinese dinner and Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome's "rocking" RV.

But seriously, thanks to everyone at MMC9 for having us and thanks to everyone that watched us, it was our first time in Harrisburg and we're looking forward to coming back!

As you can tell from our front page, we have a great show this Wednesday in NYC at the Pussycat Lounge with our friends Namanista and Paul Schneider. The show starts with Paul at 8pm, we go on at 9pm, don't be late!

Tour booking for August is going great, but we still need help in Chicago. Get in touch if you have any tips, thanks! I'm really looking forward to the tour, especially the home-coming NYC show on Saturday, August 13 at the Mercury Lounge with Pilot To Gunner, Channels, and Avec; that show's going to rule!

Alright, that's it for now. Everyone have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


Thanks so much to Fire When Ready, Phil Price, and Dan Rocker for having us play at their record release shows this past weekend. We had so much fun playing and hanging with those dudes. And thanks to everyone that came out to see us at the shows and danced and sang along and/or bought our new cd, you made it so much fun for us. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll have some video footage from those shows posted for your viewing pleasure.

Special thanks to Jess and Jim for all the help throughout the weekend!

Props to our van, Vanny, for making it through the trip despite the terrible heat. He just needs a little work done and he'll be back on the road in no time!

Avec also rocked our world as usual this past Friday. I'm so looking forward to our August tour with them. Speaking of which, booking is going really well but we still need some help in North Carolina, Nashville, Chicago, and Ohio so if you can help us out please get in touch.

Our next show is at the MMC9; if you live near or in Harrisburg, PA please come out and support us! We also just got added to a great show at the Sawmill (Greenroom) in Seaside Heights, NJ on August 1 w/ The Goons Of Doom (on Volcom Entertainment) and The Postman Syndrome.

Things are so busy and hectic (and hot!!) right now but we're having so much fun. See you all soon!


**IMPORTANT!** This Saturday's FIRE WHEN READY cd release show has been moved to The Spark Gallery (1005 east fayette street, syracuse, NY 13201). Doors are now at 6:30pm, and the line-up (from last to first) is now Long Since Forgotten, Fire When Ready, Over It, Nakatomi Plaza, and Anorexic Beauty Queen. It's still $7 to get in and all ages. Adjust your plans accordingly!

Thanks to everyone that came out in the rain to see us at the Delancey, we had an amazing time! And thanks to the Delancey for having us and for making everything sound awesome, your venue rules! It was also nice to play with our friends in Speed Speed Speed (ex-this year's model), they totally rocked out and were awesome!

Also, I wanted to say thanks to everyone that's been buying the advance copies of UNSETTLED and for all the kind words of praise you've been emailing us. We're so happy that you guys are digging the record!

Alright, see you guys later!


Fly Magazine has done an article on the Millennium Music Conference, and Nakatomi has been featured as one of the "10 Bands To Watch". Go pick up a copy of the magazine or check out the story by clicking here. Despite what the article says, I personally was not raised on any Maiden records (though it's possible there's a copy of "The Number of the Beast" in Joel's collection, right next to his copy of Bush's "Sixteen Stone", zap!). I do love the guitar acrobatics of Blizzard of Oz, 1984, and Ride the Lightning, and they certainly nailed the Coltrane / D.C. Hardcore thing right on the head.

"You've been zapped!" - shep


We've just been added to a show that's happenning this Monday, June 6 at The Delancey w/ Speed Speed Speed and The Paragraph. Peep the shows page for more info. I know it's super short notice, but if you can make it out to this show it'd be much appreciated as I don't think we have another NYC show until July 6 and it'd be great to see you all. Plus, The Delancey has a totally awesome roofdeck and they're doing a 2 for 1 drink special from 8-9:30pm. Start your summer off right!


Happy 3 day weekend everyone! Thanks to everyone that came out to the Marathon cd release show in New Brunswick, we had a great time playing, even though it took us an excessively long time to get through the Holland Tunnel on the way home.

Attn: UPSTATE NY NAKABOTS! We will be playing the Fire When Ready cd release shows next week in Binghamton (June 10) and Syracuse (June 11)! Peep the shows page for more info. Also, I've just posted our August tour dates with Avec. If you can help us out with a show or some promoter info please get in touch. And don't forget, we're playing the Milennium Music Conference on June 25 at the MySpace showcase on the Miller High Life Stage!

Also, we are now selling the "limited tour edition copies" of our new cd Unsettled via mailorder. Peep the merchpage for more info, and be the first kid on your block to get it before it's official release!

Summer is upon us, get psyched!


Today the city cut down a tree in front of our apartment building and it made me sad. Or maybe I'm sad because we're home from tour and I didn't want it to end. We had such an amazing time on the road with our new friends in Bullet Train To Vegas. Thanks to them and all the other bands we played with, all the promoters that put on shows for us, everyone that fed us or gave us a place to sleep, and everyone that came to the shows, bought a record or a shirt, and sang along. We had so much fun, we're looking forward to spending more time touring in the near future.

Speaking of the future, come see us at Marathon's record release show this Thursday at 120 Hamilton St. in New Brunswick, NJ with Scream! Hello, it's going to be a good time. Oh, and go buy new records from Marathon, BTTV, and Fire When Ready, they all rock. We have some limited edition tour copies of our new record "Unsettled" left over from the tour, we'll be selling those at the next few shows and also via our online merch page (give us a couple days to get that together) if you'd like to get the record in your stereo before it's official release.

Again, thanks to everyone involved for making this past tour one of the better ones we've done. Your continued support means so much to us!


Hello from Syracuse! Tour so far has been fun and rockin'. Thanks to everyone at the Artspace and Shelter Skatepark and for all the kids that came out and rocked with us and sang along. The BTTV dudes are fun to hang out with (it helps that Erik and I can rap about guitars all day long). Tonight we play The Office, but now it's time for lunch...


Thanks to everyone that came out to our sold-out tour kick-off show at the Knit on Saturday night. As far as selling out the Old Office, I know it's not really a big deal to some people but that was my personal goal for the night, so here's a big high-five to us (SLAP!). Everything about the show (minus the technical difficulties) ruled. Thanks to the Knitting Factory, Bullet Train To Vegas, The Secret Life Of Sofia, Behold...The Arctopus!, everyone that came to the show, and Tim (happy birthday!) for bringing out the calvary. We had such a good time!

We hit the road in 4 hours, so I must go to sleep.

Don't forget, we'll be selling advance tour edition copies of our new cd "Unsettled" on this tour. To the residents of Gloucester and Upstate NY, I hope you're ready for us 'cause we're certainly ready for you. It's been a while since we've toured, so we're so psyched to be doing this!!



Our north east tour with Nitro recording artists Bullet Train To Vegas starts tomorrow! Peep the shows page for more info. Advance "limited tour edition" copies of our new record "Unsettled" (recorded by J. Robbins) will be available at these shows! It's been over a year since we've been on tour so please come to the shows and rock out with us!


Two updates in two days. Crazy. Just wanted everyone to know we got added to Marathon's NJ Record Release show. It's right after we get back from our tour with BTTV on Thursday, May 26 at 120 Hamilton St. in New Brunswick with Scream! Hello. Attn: NJ residents, we love The Boss so you'll probably love us; please come to the show!


This past weekend was so awesome! I'd almost forgotten how much fun being on the road can be, thanks to everyone for reminding me. Special thanks to the Toshi and the Fire, Mike and the Talking Head, Jayson and The Trash Bar, Fifth Hour Hero, Kudzu Wish, Marathon, and all of our friends that came out to see us. Also, thanks to Brian McBrearty (of New Electric) and Sam Kasirer (from Josh Ritter and Paul Schneider's respective groups) for allowing us to use some music from their respective solo projects for our inbetween-song-samples when our own sampler decided to play hooky. That sampler is now on probation.

Peep the shows page for more updates on our tourdates with Bullet Train To Vegas. If you you're coming to the tour kick-off show on Saturday, May 14th at the Knitting Factory Old Office, we strongly urge you to get advance tickets here as this show may sell out. And it looks like there may be an August tour in the works with one of our favorite bands, Avec. You've been warned.


Peep the shows page! This weekend we're going to be in Philly, Baltimore, and Brooklyn! There's also some Bullet Train To Vegas tour updates, as well as new info for the Fire When Ready record release shows in June. And later in June, we'll be rocking at the Millenium Music Conference. The next few months are going to be fun!

The new album Unsettled is done (and done). We're still waiting for the official artwork and there's no word yet on when it's coming out or who we'll be working with. However, we couldn't keep the cat in the bag any longer so we're doing a very limited edition pressing for the May '05 tour. So as long as the pressing plant gods are smiling on us, we'll have copies of our new record for sale at those shows... keep your fingers crossed.

I guess that's it for now. Please come see us play in your town. Please check out our new mp3s. Please buy our new record when it comes out. Please be our myspace friends. And please get your butts down to the Knitting Factory on May 14th 'cause we need to sell that show out! Thanks for all your support over the last few years. It's been a while since we've been on tour and we're very, very excited to see you all!

Enjoy the rest of spring...


We have a new drummer in our midst. His name is Lou Maiolica and he rocks like a madman (but he's actually one of the nicest people we've ever met). We're psyched to have him with us!

You probably saw the rad tour poster on the front page of our site. Big thanks to Sean Donnelly for designing and screening them.

We're almost wrapped up with tour booking. Peep the shows page for more info. We still need some help booking a show for Wednesday, May 18th basically anywhere in upstate NY.  If you can help, please email us. And don't forget to check out the new mp3s at MySpace and PureVolume. Thanks!


NEW MP3s!!! There are 3 new mp3s ("It's Really Not This Hopeless", "The Strikes", and "Get Me My Meds") from our sessions with J. Robbins up on Pure Volume and on My Space. You can stream or download them, but we recommend that you download them for the highest sound quality (streaming audio = poop). Sorry for the long wait on these, hope you like 'em!

We want to thank all the bands that played with us at the Trash Bar last Monday and everyone that came out to see the show despite the heavy rain storm. Please go buy the We Vs. The Shark record 'cause it rules. And don't forget, we're playing this Saturday at the Long Island Freespace! Thanks!


We've just been added to an April 2nd show at the Lond Island Freespace with Hot Cross, Transistor Transistor, and The Holy Shroud. Peep the shows page for specific info. That show is probably going to rule. And please don't forget to come out this Monday to see us at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg (and as we've said a thousand times already, there's an Open Bar from 9pm-10pm)!


Our show at the Knitting Factory last Sunday was so much fun, thanks to all of you that came out! We were 5 tickets away from selling out the room which is so awesome! Special thanks to the Knit, Marathon, Fire When Ready, Dear Tonight, and Kevin (for hanging out with us all weekend while Oscar was ill). Please come to our next show on March 28th at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn with We Vs. The Shark, Knife Skills, Face!, and Puttin' On The Ritz (there's an open bar at that show from 9pm-10pm so get there early!). New mp3s? Still awaiting the master...


Updated show/tour info! We're now playing a 3rd date with Fifth Hour Hero on May 1 at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, and I've posted the info for the first two dates in Philly and Baltimore. The itinerary for the May tour with Bullet Train To Vegas is up, both us and BTTV are still in the process of booking that tour so if you can help us out with a show or promoter info in your area please get in touch. When will winter be over?


Sorry, no new mp3s yet (still mastering). Some of you have gotten in touch with us about the whereabouts of the new songs, and let me tell you, we're really anxious to get the new songs up and the record out. Thanks for all the inquiries and kind words. The wait continues...

In the meantime, come see us play next weekend! It's our first show since last November! Click on the shows page for info on that show, as well as updated info for the weekend of shows we're doing with Fifth Hour Hero and Kudzu Wish. Also, the rest of the pictures from our 2003 Fall/Winter tour with Marathon are now up for your viewing pleasure. Click away.

And last but not least, we want to wish a happy belated birthday to Al Fair (whose surprise party got postponed by last Monday's snow storm). Happy Birthday, Al!


Our show on March 6th at the Hook with Lock and Key, J. Page, and Milagres has been cancelled. We will rock the Hook at a later date TBA. In the meantime, please come see us at the Knit on March 13 with Marathon, Fire When Ready, Dear Tonight, and Hiretsukan and then again at Trash on March 28 with We Vs. The Shark, FACE!, and Knife Skills!

New mp3s are still forthcoming. In the meantime, go check out Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska", The New Pornographers' "Electric Version", and The Kinks' "The Village Green Preservation Society". They're all sooo good.


Hello! We're going to start playing shows again next month so click on the shows page to check out all the info. Liam has been gracious enough to play drums for us at the shows in March, so a big thanks to him for that! We're playing with some great bands like Lock and Key, J. Page, Marathon, Fire When Ready, We Vs. The Shark, and many others. And in April, we have a couple of dates with Fifth Hour Hero and the Kudzu Wish. And then in May, we should be hitting the road for a bunch of dates with the left-coast, prank-calling, paul frank-endorsed dudes in Bullet Train To Vegas. I'm psyched.

"Right, I get it, shows, great ... but when is your new album coming out?" At the moment we should be getting the final master back early next week. It sounds awesome (all the obsessing has paid off!). We're figuring out the artwork right now. mp3s are still forthcoming. You won't be dissappointed.


Just a quick update regarding our merch page, we now accept payments via Paypal. (You don't have to have a Paypal account to use Paypal, you just need a credit card.) For those of you without those nasty pieces of plastic, you can still use checks and money orders. New mp3s from our sessions with J. Robbins are forthcoming, as are the long lost photos of our Winter '03 US/Canada tour with Marathon. Stay tuned!


Hey everyone. Our website and email accounts were down from this past Sunday night, January 16 until now, Wednesday afternoon January 19. If you tried to email any of us at that time, please re-send the emails. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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