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Happy new year!


We're phasing out our old photo pages. You can now check out old and new Nakatomi Plaza pics at Flickr. Enjoy!


Check this out: - and they fail to mention that Lou played that night with a broken finger. Let me say it again... broken finger! Whatevs, everyone at the show knew he rocked it.


Hello everyone. Just a quick note: our email server went down and as a result we did not receive any emails sent between Mon Dec 4 at 11pm and Tues Dec 5 at 5pm. If you sent any of us an email in that time period, please resend it. Thanks so much!


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone's having a great holiday. We're back from tour and we want to thank everyone who came out and supported us. It was a very encouraging and morale boosting trip (despite all the expensive van issues) and we're very excited about the coming year. We'd like to thank Red Leader Records, Brightskull Records, Fire When Ready, Polar Bear Club, The Secret Life Of Sofia, The Lovekill, Plasma For Guns, David Bartholow, Clown In Car Booking, From The Headlines, Daisy and Foxy Shazam, Swayze's and Sorry No Ferrari, History and AES Productions, Frigid Ember and The Beta Bar, The Guitar House, Amacitia Booking (so sorry we couldn't make the show due to van trouble!), Monarch, The Crayola House, Worthless Booking, and everyone that sang along, danced, and hung out with us while we were out. Special thanks goes to Jay Lilley for holding down the fort and chilling with Mr. Frog. And extra special thanks to Phil Price for being a most amazing tour companion once again (directing, lifting, merching, eating, sleeping, hi-fiving, singing, etc). The Poster Children once said that bands break up when they have days off on tour; I think they also break up when they don't tour with other bands and/or they don't have roadies - so thanks to Phil for keeping us in check!

Click here to see a video of us playing "The Strikes" at the Frigid Ember Fest.

Click here to read an article about us in the Florida magazine "Reax" (written by our friend Kenzie from History).

That's all for now. Stay warm. Enjoy your tofurkey...


Hey everyone! We're leaving for TOUR! tomorrow morning. Come by the shows, say hi, and pick up a copy of the "Unsettled" vinyl LP (brought to you by Brightskull Records). Check the shows page for complete info!

We're still in need of a show this Monday November 13. If you can help out, please get in touch.

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to the Red Leader Records showcase at CMJ! The whole night was really special and we had a blast playing with our new family of bands (Achilles, Scream! Hello, Dear Tonight, End Of A Year, and The New Dress). And it was great to see so many of you at the show! Special thanks to Claire for all the baked goods (aren't shows so much better with brownies and cake?), the other bands for help with loading gear, and to Dave for helping us with our gear at our space at the end of the night (our elevator hasn't worked in about a month - that said, special thanks to Jay for helping us up the stairs with our gear after the Anarchist Book Fair Benefit). Other highlights from CMJ for me included:
-seeing lots of old/new friends from near/far
-seeing The Fall (say what you will, I thought it was awesome.)
-seeing Liam peform in The Fortune Teller (not CMJ related at all. you should go see it!)
-rocking other showcases with my friends in Hightower Smith and Cooper.

Alright, see you on the road!


friends, i'm so happy to announce the arrival of the "Unsettled" LPs (produced by J. Robbins, brought to you by Brightskull Records - thanks Jamie!!). that's right, i'm talking about 12" colored vinyl (art and design by Beth O'Brien at Blank Pictures). soon you'll be able to mailorder them but for now you have to come see us play to get one. which leads me to...

TONIGHT!!! Friday, November 3
Brooklyn, NY @ North Six (downstairs)
66 N. 6th St., L train to Bedford
CMJ Music Marathon / Red Leader Records showcase / "Unsettled" LP release show!
w/ Achilles, Nakatomi Plaza (we're officially listed for 10pm, but who knows?), Dear Tonight, Scream! Hello, End of a Year, and The New Dress!
$10 or free with a CMJ badge, 18+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian
doors at 6:30pm, show at 7pm

i think they're only letting in a limited number of badges so i advise you to get there early. also, given the size of the room (and the awesomeness of the bill) it's very likely the show will sell out so if you don't have a badge we strongly urge you to buy tickets online here.

that said, if you weren't planning on coming down tonight we'd really appreciate it if you did - to support us (and say bye to us before we go on tour), to support our friends in the other bands (some of whom are traveling pretty far to play this show), and to support our good friends at Red Leader Records. the next few months are very crucial for us as our cd "Unsettled" will be officially released on January 30 and we need all the support we can get!

TOUR! we still have a couple gaps to fill (Nov 13 and 21) so if you can help us out please get in touch.

November 2006
*Fri 10 Syracuse, NY @ The Empty Cup w/ Fire When Ready (last show!)
*Sat 11 Rochester, NY @ The AV Space w/ Polar Bear Club, The Secret Life Of Sofia
*Sun 12 Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop w/ The Lovekill
Mon 13 somewhere in Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois @ TBA w/ The Lovekill (help!)
*Tue 14 Richmond, IN @ Charlie's Coffee Bar w/ The Lovekill, Girls Go To Jupiter
*Wed 15 Louisville, KY @ Keswick Democratic Club w/ Foxy Shazam, Western Transit, The Lovekill
*Thur 16 Marietta, GA @ Swayze's w/ Sorry No Ferrari, The Midwives
*Fri 17 Tampa (Ybor), FL @ New World Brewery w/ History
*Sat 18 Tallahassee, FL @ The Beta Bar (Frigid Ember Records Fest) w/ History
Sun 19 Lawrenceville, GA @ The Treehouse
*Mon 20 Greenville, NC @ The Spazzatorium Galleria!
Tue 21 Baltimore, MD @ TBA (help!)
(for complete, up-to-date info please visit the shows page.)

thanks so much for your continued support, see you soon!


Thanks so much to everyone that came out to support the Benefit for the Anarchist Bookfair in Bushwick and thanks to Patrick and everyone else at 71 Troutman St. for hosting the show. Seriously, we haven't had that much fun at a show in NYC in quite a while, so we're quite grateful!

We're playing this Friday at the CMJ / Red Leader Records Showcase at North Six (downstairs) with our friends in Achilles, Scream! Hello, Dear Tonight, End Of A Year, and The New Dress. Please come support these great bands and this great label. It's 18+ (unless accompanied by a parent or guardian) and free with a CMJ Badge (but if you're using a badge please get there early as they're only letting in a limited number of badges) or $10 (and if you're buying tickets we strongly urge you to get them in advance as this show will most likely sell out). Click here to buy tickets online.

And then a week later we'll be heading off on tour! Get psyched!


We're playing this Saturday at the Benefit for the NYC Anarchist Bookfair!! at 71 Troutman St. in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It's also doubling as a Halloween party, so wear a costume and come on down!


Hey everyone. Due to a scheduling mix-up we will not be playing on November 10 at 65 Wyckoff Street. However, that show is still happenning (as far as we know) so you should still go if you're in the area! And as for us, we will now be playing the last Fire When Ready show ever(!) in Syracuse that night. FWR were one of the best touring mates we ever had, and we're psyched and honored they've asked us to be a part of their grand finale.

Dudes, you will be missed.


Happy Friday the 13th!

Thanks to everyone that came to our North Six show last Sunday. We had a blast playing with Medications and Brinca Means Jump!

Our good friend Emily Keller recently wrote a piece about us; check it out here.

Some of our tour dates are moving around slightly so be sure to check the shows page for the most up to date info.

Enjoy the weekend!


Due to a "serious illness in the family" Channels will not be performing this Sunday with us at North Six. We wish them the best.

Just to be clear, this show is still happening with Medications, Nakatomi Plaza, and Brinca Means Jump so you should still come down! Thanks!


Hey everyone! Thanks so much if you came to our last 3 shows at the Knitting Factory, PA's Lounge, and Smithtown Masonic Temple; we've been having a lot of fun as of late.

Please come out this Sunday, we're playing with Medications, Channels, and Brinca Means Jump at North Six.

Mark your calendars! We're way too excited about everything that's happenning and we hope you are too!

We're playing the Red Leader showcase at North Six with our friends in Scream! Hello, Polar Bear Club, Dear Tonight, and The New Dress!

We're heading out to do a few dates with our friends in The Secret Life Of Sofia, The Lovekill, and History. Check the shows page for more info as more shows get confirmed, but for now it looks like we're doing:

November 2006
Fri 10 New Brunswick, NJ @ 65 Wyckoff St. w/ The Secret Life Of Sofia
Sat 11 Rochester, NY @ The AV Space w/ Polar Bear Club, The Secret Life Of Sofia, et al.
Sun 12 Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop w/ The Lovekill and Plasma For Guns
Mon 13 Columbus, OH @ TBA w/ The Lovekill
Tue 14 Richmond, IN @ Charlie's Coffee Bar w/ The Lovekill
Wed 15 Louisville, KY @ Keswick Democratic Club w/ Foxy Shazam, The Lovekill, et al.
Thur 16 Marietta, GA @ Swayze's w/ Sorry No Ferrari and The Midwives
Fri 17 Orlando or Tampa, FL w/ History
Sat 18 Tallahassee, FL @ The Beta Bar (Frigid Ember Fest '06) w/ History, et al.
Sun 19 Lawrenceville, GA @ TBA
Mon 20 Greenville, NC @ The Spazzatorium Galleria!
Tue 21 Baltimore, MD @ TBA

Thanks, see you Sunday!


Hello friends!

We're very happy to announce that we've signed with Red Leader Records! They'll be releasing "Unsettled" (produced by J. Robbins) later this year; stay tuned for the actual release date. It's a pretty exciting time for Red Leader and we're excited to be a part of it. In addition to Unsettled, here's what else is going on in the Red Leader world:

*The SCREAM! HELLO (NJ) cd "the infinite son" is up for pre-order now here.
Release Date: September 19th

*Red Leader Records has signed Brooklyn, NY's DEAR TONIGHT and they will be going into the studio at the end of the year to record their new full length cd. Check out their demos at:

There was a printing mishap with the covers for the vinyl edition of "Unsettled" and the release date has been pushed back. More info from our good friends at Brightskull Records in due time...

Monday, August 21, 7pm
@ Knitting Factory (Main Space)
74 Leonard St, NYC 10013
w/ You In Series, As Tall As Lions, Brazil, and Nakatomi Plaza (we play first at 7pm!)
Brought to you by
$10, All Ages!
you can buy tix online here.
*there is a considerable amount of, um, pressure, for us to bring people out so please please come by if you can.† some friends pulled a few strings to get us on this show so please support us!† you'll also get to check out our new sound as a trio, possibly a new song or two, and you can be in our video (which may or may not be shot that night but assume that it will).

Other upcoming shows:
Friday September 22 - Somerville, MA @ PA's Lounge w/ Paper Thin Stages (Boston) and more TBA. 18+, 8:30pm doors, $7 for 21+ / $10 for 18-20.

Friday September 29 - Smithtown, NY @ Smithtown Masonic Temple (34 River Road) w/ Rahim (French Kiss), Gospel (Level Plane), Ifihadahifi (on tour from Wisconsin), Nakatomi Plaza, The Secret Life Of Sofia (best NYC band!). Show starts at 6pm sharp, $8, all ages.

Mini-tours are being booked for the Fall; an East Coast onslaught is being planned for November; total World Domination starts in January 2007; new songs are being written and will be debuted at these shows - expect the new power trio set-up to provide the skyward soundtrack for your lives in these trying times.
See you soon. Thanks for your continuing support!


Oh man, it's hot out there; I hope you're all staying cool. Things are going well at Camp Nakatomi; tours are being planned (West Coast, look out!), shows are being booked (we just got added to the Rahim, Ifihadahifi, The Secret Life of Sofia show in Smithtown on September 29!), new songs are being written, and release dates for the cd/vinyl of Unsettled (as well as the Foodswings compilation cd) are in the works (more on that in a few weeks). We're all very excited. See you all soon!

Currently loving Michael Jackson's Off The Wall and Thriller, The North Atlantic's Wires In The Walls, The Exit's new Live EP, exercising during Star Trek, Soundgarden's Superunknown, King Of The Hill, New York Guitar Repair set-up tutorial, Pedaltrain, Vodka Mods, The Secret Life Of Sofia, ukes, mandolins, mellotrons, and as always, our own monster-in-residence, Mr. Frog.


We're playing with You In Series, As Tall As Lions, and Brazil at the Knitting Factory on Monday August 21!


Check out our new song "The Ghost Intrigue" on our myspace page that we've recorded for the Foodswings compilation (release date tba). Let us know what you think, thanks! There are also a few new photos at our myspace page in addition to the new streaming mp3.

Rocking the knit's tap bar in a few hours. See you there!


We had an amazing last couple days with Aloke, The North Atlantic, and The King Left. Go buy all their records! Thanks to everyone that braved the rain on Wednesday and came to the show. You can read a review about it here. You can also check out some of Shane Walsh's photos of the North Six show at our myspace page. Just scroll down to the comments....

We're playing a very last minute show tomorrow at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar with Ian Love (ex-Rival Schools) and Paper Thin Stages (from Boston). Please come out and support local and touring bands! More info on the shows page. And lastly, please watch this. Thanks!


We're going to be rocking the next two days with Aloke, The North Atlantic, and The King Left. Please come out to the shows!


Hey! Our server was down for a few hours tonight so it's possible we may have not gotten any emails sent to us between 8pm on July 3 through 2am on July 4. Please resend any emails directed to oscar@, al@, or store@ (each email address is one word, with no spaces; those are there to confuse the spambots - ah, poor spambots) during that time frame. Thanks!


Lots of news to report today. First, on a very serious note, we regrettably announce that Joel Remland is no longer a part of Nakatomi Plaza due to personal and creative differences. Obviously it's a lot more complicated then that but it's all that has to be said. Differences aside, we are thankful for our time with Joel and only wish him the best.

Lou, Al, and I are continuing Nakatomi Plaza though it is not yet decided if it will be as a trio or quartet. In the meantime, we are auditioning guitarists and/or keyboardists. Please get in touch if you're interested or know someone who might be.

We'll be playing two shows in July with The North Atlantic, The King Left, and Aloke at Sin-e(July 12) and North Six (July 13). Depending on how the screenprinting goes, it's very possible we'll have the vinyl version of "Unsettled" (brought to you by Brightskull Records) available at these shows, so keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks again to Oraia, Right Rides, all the bands that played, and everyone who came out to the Brooklyn Take Action! block party. We had a great time. Please visit the Right Rides site for more info on their service or to volunteer. Thanks!


The "Brooklyn Take Action!" block party is tomorrow! Please come out and support this positive and amazing event. See you there!


Thanks so much to everyone that came out to the 2nd to last Marathon show. It was a pretty heavy night, and I'm glad we were able to spend it with so many of our closest friends. Many thanks to the kids at 120 Hamilton, Marathon, and all the other bands that played. Dudes, you will be missed. Thanks for being so awesome...

We're playing a block party called "Brooklyn Take Action!" in Williamsburg on Saturday June 17th in support of Right Rides, Find Your Light, and Until the Violence Stops. Please come by, I know it's going to be a fun day!!


VICIOUS is tomorrow night! See you there!


We had a blast these past few days with Bullet Train To Vegas. Go see them when they come to your town. Thanks to everyone that came out to the shows, we had a blast playing and seeing you all!

"Unsettled" is now available at Eat Records in Greenpoint, Brooklyn thanks to our friends at The Family Business. Go down there and support local independent artists!


Al found another pretty awesome review of "Unsettled" here. Check it out!


So apparently we're #1 this week on the Rock Charts on Idol Underground. It's kinda weird, and yet, very cool. Anyway, thank you very much if you rated us favorably on that site. And if you haven't done so already, please do so and help keep us on the charts. Thanks!


We've updated our merch page with some new tshirt designs! Check them out!


Shows page has been updated! Check it out for updates on shows with Bullet Train To Vegas, Gracer, Marathon, and our appearance at VICIOUS. Thanks!


Hey! We got back from tour this past Monday. Thanks to all the great bands and promoters that put on shows for us, as well as all the people that came by, rocked out, said hi, and picked up our record (and in some cases, housed and fed us). It's much appreciated. Special thanks to History for making our time in FL so rocking and comfortable. And very special thanks to roadie Jay "Blackburn" for all the driving, hanging, high-fiving, lifting, moving, eating, listening, joking, selling, and of course, sleeping.

If you mailordered any merch from us while we were gone please note that I am just getting your orders now due to a minor computer glitch and I will send them out as soon as humanely possible. Also, we're in the midst of revamping our online merch page so you definitely want to get in touch and make sure we actually have the design, color, and size shirt you want as the pulldown menus no longer reflect our current inventory. Thanks for your patience.

Our VICOUS appearance is being rescheduled, so stay tuned for more info on that as well as future dates with our friends in Bullet Train To Vegas. As of now, our next show is on Friday, May 19th at 120 Hamilton St. in New Brunswick, NJ. It's Marathon's second to last show, so please come out and give the boys a good send off with us, they deserve it.

Enjoy the Spring!


Hey friends! Tour is going well! We've had a blast so far everywhere we've been (except the Marietta show; read our myspace blog for more about that). There are some pretty cool pics from our awesome Bloomington show here. Louisville was off the hook as usual, and we heard the test pressing for the vinyl release of Unsettled (look for that on Brightskull Records in late-April!). We hung out with friends and friends of friends in Chicago and played an awesome space called South Union Arts. We watched Annabel play an amazing acoustic set in Akron, as well as Ari Ari and Pit Er Pat tear it up in Indianapolis (there are some bootleg NP mp3s of that show available here). And tonight is our first night of shows with History...

Having fun, hope you guys are too. See you soon!


We're on tour!


Phew, just flew back from SXSW which was tons of fun (even though I was in Austin for less than 24 hours, which made the whole trip very hectic!). Nakatomi's leaving for our Spring Tour this Monday night! Peep the shows page for more info. We'll be performing songs from "Unsettled", a few from "Private Property", and two new songs: "The Ghost Intrigue" (which we debuted on our last tour) and "The Finish Line aka Every Sunday, Everyday".

The Chicago show on Friday March 24 has been moved to a different venue called South Union Arts; please spread the word. We still need help finding a show for Monday March 27 in the GA/FL area. Please get in touch if you can help us out.

The "Unsettled" vinyl pressing is moving along; thanks so much to Brightskull Records and Blank Pictures for getting everything up and running. We're looking at a late-April release date. More info TBA.

You can now buy the rest of the limited tour edition copies (and there's not that many of them left, so buy it now!) of the "Unsettled" cd from CD Baby where it's featured right now on their Punk and Math pages. Hmm, Punk Math... Anyway, for all the download-inclined you'll soon be able to purchase "Unsettled" from ITunes. We'll let you know when that's good to go.

See you on the road,


Unfortunately, Nakatomi has had to cancel our shows this weekend. We were really looking forward to these shows, but we've had a mild medical situation. Everything is ok but we won't be able to make it out. Of course, the shows are still happening and you should still go! Thanks everyone.


Thank you Thank you Thank you! The last 3 shows we played were awesome and we really appreciate everyone that came out to see us at North Six, Alfred University, and Ithaca College. Thanks to Jay for coming out to rock the road with us.

This Friday we'll be at 120 Hamilton St. in New Brunswick, NJ, and on Saturday we'll be at The Globe Cafe in Bethlehem, PA. Both shows are with The Procedure, an amazing NJ hardcore band so please come out if you can. Also, due to circumstances beyond our control, this Sunday's Long Island show is cancelled.

There's a new review of "Unsettled" (8 out of 10 stars!) up at Wrank Music, check it out! And speaking of "Unsettled", the album art for is almost done for the official release and it looks awesome! I can't wait for you all to see it.

Until next time, make sure you check out Report Suspicious Activity... you won't be dissappointed.


OK, we don't usually beg for people to come to our shows... until now: Nakatomi Plaza is begging you all to come to our last minute show this Thursday February 16th at North Six in Brooklyn, NY with the great bands The Diggs and Slowlands. Without getting into the details, let's just say that the band needs your support now more than ever (!) and the best way to do that is for you to come down and be at this show and have a great time. Seriously folks, this is absolutely no joke. PLEASE come to this show! And in return, we promise to fully rock your faces off. Said faces will be beyond recognition. Peace!


Thanks so much to Ernesto and Shore Leave, Reports, John and Paper Thin Stages, and everyone at Great Scott for showing us a great time in Boston, we had a blast. We have some shows coming up in Upstate NY, NJ, PA, and Long Island in addition to our March tour of the Mid-West and East Coast. If you can help us book a show in TN, AL, or GA please get in touch. Thanks!


We had some great shows last weekend. Thanks to Thunder Tom, Speed Speed Speed, The Secret Life Of Sofia, North Six, Criteria, Attractive, Aberdeen City, and everyone that came down and rocked out with us. And to all you Bostonians out there, we'll be playing at Great Scott this Saturday with Shore Leave, Reports, and Paper Thin Stages. See you there!

In other news, the Unsettled artwork is being worked on so expect its official release soon. And booking for our March tour is going really well and we'll be posting tourdates shortly. In the meantime, if you'd like to see Nakatomi Plaza in your town, get in touch. Thanks!


Hey everyone! Apparently tomorrow night's show at Live Trax is 18+ and NOT 21+. Sorry for the confusion. And don't forget, we're playing with Criteria at North Six this Saturday; you don't want to miss this show!


Thanks to everyone that came out to our the last two shows at CB's 313 Gallery and at The Wreck Room, and thanks to Trash Talk In The Kingdom, Sunshine Will, Ricky Fitts, and Mustangs & Madras for being amazing people and making amazing music. We have some aweome shows this weekend with great bands like The Secret Life Of Sofia, Criteria, and Attractive so please come out if you can! The North Six show with Criteria may sell out so get your tickets now (more info on our shows page)!

In other news, Nakatomi was featured on Largehearted Boy's blog a few days ago, check it out!

And finally, (and I may be jumping the gun on this) but I believe we'll be touring the East Coast and Mid-West again in mid-March! Dates and details will be annouced as shows get confirmed. In the meantime, if you'd like to see Nakatomi Plaza in your town, get in touch. Thanks!


We're playing tonight at the Wreck Room in Bushwick, Brooklyn with Ricky Fitts and Mustangs & Madras, both on tour from Colorado. Please come out if you can tonight, these bands are awesome and the show is super cheap ($5)! Not familiar with the Wreck Room? Read about it in the Village Voice. Thanks!


Happy New Year everybody! Thanks to everyone that came out to our shows last week at North Six and on Long Island, we had a great time playing. And thanks to Bob/North Six, Circle Takes The Square, Gospel, Heston Rifle, Charlie/Deuces Wild Productions, Sean & Sergei, Slingshot Dakota, Con Amore, Satellite Lost, and Dearly Departed for having us play.

Turns out we have quite a few shows this month so peep the shows page for info on those. This Wednesday we'll be playing at Rare. See you soon!

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