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'Twas the night before winter tour and all through the loft...(yup, we're running around like crazy right now trying to everything together after being out of town for the holidays).

Speaking of the holidays, I hope you're enjoying them. My top 5 presents (in no particular order):

-Game Boy Advance SP
-Neil Young's "On The Beach"
-Swiss Army wallet
-a "moleskin" journal
-"Keeping Up With the Dow Joneses - Debt, Prison, Workfare" by Vijay Prashad

Bad news: our New Year's Eve show got cancelled today. We are working on a different show for that night, but if you can help us out please get in touch. Also, we will be in the Carolina's this Sunday (December 28) if anyone can help us out with a show or a place to stay. Other than that, tour is solid and we hope to see you at the shows.

There is a new song up for y'all to download on our sounds page in the Media section. It's called "It's Really Not This Hopeless". Go now and get down!

We are also still looking for a new drummer. If you have any leads please get in touch!

I guess that's it. Thanks for reading!


I hope everyone had a good tofurkey day. We have some news to dish out, here 'tis:

NAKATOMI SEEKS NEW DRUMMER! "Wait, didn't you guys JUST get a drummer?"

We did get a new drummer in February, but he is sadly leaving the band in January to pursue other musical desires. We want to thank Max for the awesome drumming and good times, especially on the 7 week tour we did with Marathon.

If you or anyone you know plays drums really really well and wants to make records and tour the crap out of the world, then please get in touch with us. We want to start auditioning people as soon as possible.

FIRST SHOW BACK IN NYC! Tonight (December 5th) we will be rocking out at the House of Good Names ( with Bats and Mice, Touchdown, One AM Radio, and Wind-up Bird. It's been a while since we've played in Brooklyn so please come out if you can. It's only $5, the address is 8 Cook St. (just off the Lorimer St. J or M train) and it starts at 6pm.

WINTER TOUR/THIS IS FOR YOU FEST!! On December 26, we are kicking off our winter tour at the Charm City Space in Baltimore, MD. The tour will bring us down to Daytona Beach, FL to the This Is For You fest ( Also on the fest are bands like Black Cross, Die Young, Darkest Hour, Good Clean Fun, Kodan Armada, Hot Cross, The Wage Of Sin, and a ton more. Please try and come to the fest or one of the shows on our tour, we'd much appreciate it. Click on the shows page for more info.

I guess that's it for now. Any help you can give us with finding a new drummer or booking a show for us on tour would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


Welcome back to us. Al and I got in to our apartment on Wednesday morning around 9am after dropping off Max, Joel, and Jess. This is the longest we've ever toured and it was quite a trip. Nakatomi Plaza would like to thank everyone that put on a show for us, let us sleep on their floors, or fed us. And to everyone that came out and rocked out, danced, and sang along, bought a cd or a shirt, we can't tell you how much we appreciate it, y'all are what keeps this band moving forward. And thanks to all the bands that we met and shared some laughs with us.

Special thanks to Kevin, Morghan, and Heather for housing too many boxes of our merch while we were in Canada and for letting us crash there for not one, but two nights. Extra special thanks to Miguel, Amanda, and Adam for letting us stay in Towson while I was resting (and thanks to Mr. Fair, Al, and Miguel for taking me to two ERs).

Big ups to Dr. Vannykins, our Chariot of Rock, for making it through the whole trip!

To Rachel Jacobs, it was awesome to meet up with you on this tour. I wish you could have been with us longer.

And to Marathon, what can we say? We learned alot about ourselves by being with you, and I think we've all come back as better people. Thanks for all the help you gave us, whether it was Aaron booking an awesome show in Seattle, or Nate and Licky helping me set up my amp when I hurt my rib, or Brian reminding us that tour is supposed to be fun, or Graham for just grahaming around or David for pretending to be road manager. We should definately do this again.

Now go buy their record:

Our last thank you goes out to someone very dear to us. Jess Wolkoff booked an amazing last leg of the tour, and then she got in the van with us. For 7 weeks! You're an incredible person and one of our best friends. Thanks for everything (the booking, the merching, the loading, the hugs and group counseling, etc).

We will be updating the site very soon with pictures from the tour. This weekend we are heading into Big Crunch studios in Baltimore to demo 4 new songs (It's Really Not That Hopeless, Calling All Cars, The Red Room, and Get Me My Meds) and then next Saturday, October 25, we will be rocking out at the ISM benefit in Washington, DC with Majority Rule, Rachel Jacobs and Tradition Dies Here. Also, we just confirmed the This Is For You Fest ( in late December in Daytona Beach, so expect us out on the road in the East Coast around then.




we've had some show confirmations and some venue changes, so check out the shows page for the latest info.

ps. air hockey rules.


hey! we're in canada, we're alive. talk about fickle, we made it through the border without even being asked if we have merch but marathon had to turn around and mail what little merch they were bringing to minnesota. it's so ridiculous. they were even going to pay the taxes. anyway, we're still having fun. go order a marathon cd.


a well deserved day off! thank you to matt and dave for getting us to the show last night after we broke down on I-8 and left our van at the El Cajon Pep Boys. the show last night at the Che Cafe was awesome. as was the post show trip to the ocean. i won't name names but, nudity ensued. once again there are some show info updates. the van should be fixed in a few hours and we will be ready to rock again tomorrow in Redlands. i guess that's it. keep on truckin'. -al


so, just to clear up any confusion, we are/have been sick, but we are still touring and we're still playing and have no plans to cancel any more shows. basically, we've all been sick at this point, with 3(!) emergency room visits (though one was basically preemptive and involved being much sicker upon leaving the hospital than when arriving). but we're all more or less ok and we will see you when we get to your town.



this just in: OSCAR ALMOST BETTER! woo!
his exact words, "i am very much better," but he still shouldn't lift anything. and he says thanks to nate for the lifting.

the shows page should be updated by the time you read this. we'll be playing several dates in southern california and we have more thorough info on shows we already listed.

oscar and max both celebrated birthdays on thursday. happy birthday to them!


ok, we will not be playing in blacksburg, VA tonight. again, marathon is still playing and they're awesome so check them out of course. but oscar's too sick to play so we're gonna start out towards richmond and hopefully tomorrow we'll be back on track for real. thank you so much miguel and amanda for putting us up for 2 days and thank you ian, sally and kate for staying in the bedroom to keep the allergy sufferers comfortable. and thank you matt for letting us come to your house tonight. basically, thanks all around, apologies all around, everything will be better tomorrow.


so, we just got back from our second emergency room trip of tour. 5 hours we waited for service. we had to cancel on tonight's show at the black cat in DC. sorry to anyone who might have gone and expected us to be there. but you got to see marathon rock, right, so that's good. in addition to a bent/bruised rib that oscar got in buffalo, he also had bronchitis and is 'sleeping it off' as they say. hopefully with some antibiotics in oscar we'll be back on track tomorrow. goodnight.

09.04.03 happy birthday to aaron!

so, tonight we played a great show at Pete's house and afterwards he took us to Thinisu and we got yummy "indo-american food". Pete supports this place 110% and they know it so they took a picture of us for their website. check it out here.


i'm still working on the thumbnail problem. but, in the meantime, we've added another new messageboard and this one has no ads and no threat of ads. woo! check it out and say hi!

we also have a new song up, Bang Bang Sing Sing not available anywhere else but our sounds page.


so, those of you browsing the pictures may have noticed that a lot of the thumbnails aren't there. we're working on it. the pictures are still there if you click where the thumbnails would be. now it'll just be a surprise! um, woo. -al


Tour got off to a great start last night in Syracuse, and we're psyched to rock out in Ithaca tonight. We've added more info to our shows page so please try and come see us play on this tour. We're debuting 5 new songs on this tour and we'd really love to get your reactions on them. We also have another new tee shirt design that for now is only available directly from us on tour. We still need help booking some shows so please get in touch if you think you can help us out. So if you're reading this you're at our new website ... Welcome! We hope you enjoy it, we'll add new content as we get it together but since we are on tour it may take us some time. But thanks for dropping by here; hope to see you at a show!


Hey! I hope you're enjoying your respective summers. As for us, Max has been laying low in Rochester for the past month, and he'll be off to Europe next week for a month of touring with his piano trio. Joel will also be heading off to Europe in August for some down time in Italy. Al has been slaving away at Blue Stockings, and soon she'll be dividing her time between there and the Working Families Party. I just got off a really good tour with a singer/songwriter named Ari Hest, and last night I played a show with a new band I'm playing bass with called The New Electric. It was our first show and it went really well. Rachel Jacobs also played the show to kick off her summer tour and she (as always) was amazing. My roommate Jasmine Wagner also played last night which was cool. Also, a new Immigrant Sun band called the Elad Love Affair played, and it's been a while since I've been blown away by any band's live show, but I think everyone should try to check out Elad on the tour that they're on right now. They're really intense live, and it comes across with mucho sincerity.

We've been writing a ton of new songs as of late, hopefully we'll be able to learn a bunch before our Fall tour. Booking for the tour is going well, but we still need a lot of help. Please check the shows page and if you think can help us for any of the dates that are listed as "tba" or "help!" please get in touch. Also, because its such a long tour and our resources are quite limited, we'd really appreciate any help you can give us as far as letting us know of any promoters in your town, promoting the tour by flyering and postering, telling your friends to come to the show, pestering your local independent record store to stock our cds, etc etc. If you think you can help us out, please email us and let us know what you'd be willing to do, we'd really appreciate it.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


We've been home for a couple days now and I have to say that this past tour was the best tour we've ever done. Thanks so much to everyone that booked us a show, fed us, or gave us a place to crash. And a big thanks to all the bands: Army of Ponch, Rachel Jacobs, Majority Rule, Plate Six, The Break, The Invocation, Player Piano, The Chase, Sound The Alarm, Vostok, Against Me, Fifth Hour Hero, This Scares Me, Gainer, Dead By Dawn ... I'm sure I forgot someone but we're thanking you as well. And of course, thanks to anyone that came out to the shows, bought a cd, or just took the time out to say hi to us. It all means alot and is quite appreciated.

We'll be laying low for a few weeks so we can put in more time to writing, and then from August 25 to October 12 we'll be on the road again with Marathon. More into on that will be coming soon. However, if you think you can help us out with a show in your town please get in touch.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the summer.


Hey Everyone. I just want to thank everyone that came out to the shows last week in Baltimore and Ithaca. Friday was an especially good night, as we got to rock out again with Marathon. If you have not checked our their demo, I highly suggest you do. It was also good to get to play with our friends in Breaking Pangaea once again. And a very special thanks to the Fanclub Collective and everyone in Ithaca that continues to support Nakatomi Plaza. Ithaca is definately our home away from the city, thanks for making us feel so welcome.

We're almost wrapped up with tour booking. We still need help with a show anywhere north of NYC on Friday May 23rd, so if you can help out please email us. Also, if you can help us out on any of the dates of the tour with a place to crash, some vegan food, promoting the shows, letting us know where the cool vegan restaurants are around town, etc etc please write!

Don't forget, we rock at the Knitting Factory on Monday May 12 with Jet By Day!


Yo! This past weekend was awesome! Thanks to Marathon, Four53, Becky at JMU, Miguel and CC Space, and everyone that came out to the shows or took part in the awesome vegan Easter dinner we had (thanks Amanda!). And in a few hours we get to go back down to Baltimore to rock out at Goucher College with An Albatross, and then on Friday we're heading up to Ithaca to rock out with Breaking Pangaea, The EU is Delighted, and Marathon!

Good times.

Tour booking is going well. We still need help in PA, OH, NC, SC, and DE. If you can help us out with an all ages show or a promoter contact in any of these areas, please get in touch. Thanks!


Hey everyone, how's it going? Thanks to everyone that came to our Syracuse show last week. We haven't been to Syracuse in a while and it was good to see so many people there. And Atom, Brazil, and League totally rocked out.

Bats and Mice just got added to our April 19 show in Harrisonburg, you don't want to miss this.

I've posted our May/June tour dates on the shows page. If you can help us out with an all ages show, a promoter contact, a place to crash, etc in the towns listed, please email us. Any help would be really appreciated.

Al and I will be rocking the BD Records table this weekend at Macrock. Please stop by and say hi if you're around.

C ya!


Yo! Private Property is a featured release at the Revelation web store, check it out here!

We moved into our new practice space this past weekend and we've been spending a lot of time rehearsing and writing. I assure you, it's time well spent. Come to the shows and see the results.


Hey all! Immigrant Sun Records is putting together a street team to help promote their bands. If you're interested in helping out (hanging posters for touring bands, letting us know where the cool venues are in your town, seeing if the cds are in stock at the local record stores, etc) please email Pat at

Keep checking the shows page frequently for more confirmed shows in April!

Nakatomi Plaza tour in May/June and again in August/September?


Thanks so much to Sarah and everyone else that was involved with or came out to the benefit show on Long Island last night. We had a blast rocking out, all the bands were great, and I think everyone had a good time.

Check out another review of Private Property here at!


Rachel Jacobs has been added to this Friday's show in Long Island, so you definately don't want to miss this show! gave Private Property 4 out of 5 stars. Read the review here!

We're booking a few shows in April with Aaron from De La Hoya's new band, Marathon . Check out their site, they have a demo you can download. More info on those shows will be posted as it comes to me. Speaking of other bands, the day after our show in Syracuse with Atom and his Package, I'll be playing in Ithaca with singer-songwriter Paul Schneider at Cornell University (March 27). That band sounds pretty good (Sam Siegler is drumming for us!). So check it out.



How's everyone doing? Thanks so much to everyone that came down to our show last Tuesday night at the Knit. We had a blast rocking out with new drummer Max Goldman and a roomful of dancing peeps. Oh and the Color of Violence was awesome. They're on tour, check them out!

We've booked a few more shows (including a show with Q and Not U up at Cornell U.), check the shows page frequently for updates.



Yo ... There's an interview with me (and a review of Private Property) up online at Check it out!

Don't forget, we're playing at the Knitting Factory (in the Old Office) tonight with An Albatross, The Color of Violence, and Venusian Skyline. The show is $5 and doors are at 9pm. The Knit is located at 74 Leonard St. between Broadway and Church in downtown NYC.

Check the shows page over the next few days as we have some really cool shows in the works. Word.


Hey everybody! There's an interview with Al up online at

Also, Immigrant Sun has made Miguel's video for Bike Rock Revolution available to download, just click here to get it!

C ya at the Knit on Tuesday?. Great.


Hey y'all. Be prepared, we're about to stage our big comeback!

We're playing at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday February 11 (with drummer Max Goldman) at 8pm with Venusian Skyline , The Color of Violence (both from FL) and An Albatross. We go on last around 10pm. Also, we're playing with Atom and his Package and Brazil on Wednesday March 26 at the Bridge St. Music Hall in Syracuse, NY. Witness the return!

And check out the new pics at the media page. Word.


We're playing our last show with Andrew on Wednesday, January 15 at local 7. We're really sad to see him go. Please come by and see us rock out with him one last time. reviewed and featured us this month on their site. Go check it out!

Expect long lost pictures to be posted soon. See ya!


Happy New Year everyone!

Things that are cool:
a) Private Property got a great review at Check it out! (4.5 stars out of 5!)
b) Private Property got a pretty good review in Alternative Press #175, the February 2003 issue. Check it out!
c) We're still trying out drummers! Drummers, check us out!
d) My new Chandler lap steel guitar.
e) Our site is back online.

Anyway, have a safe and happy new year! Hopefully we'll be rocking out somewhere near you in the late Winter / early Spring.

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