Hey hey mosh.
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good holiday. I'm leaving for New Orleans pretty soon and I'm excited. But what really gets my blood flowing is that we're leaving for tour next friday! I'm really excited about tour, thanks to everyone so far that has helped us out with shows. We still need help with January 6 (somewhere in VA or WV) and the 7th (ANYWHERE in Ohio). Please get in touch if you can halp us.
In other news, we'll be heading into the studio with Sean and John again to record 2 songs for the split 7" with the Frenetics and one song for the BRYCC house benefit comp.
I think that's it for now, try to stay warm, it's cold out there.


Hope everyone had a wonderful tofurkey day. On to the news:
We have some shows lined up for next weekend, go to the shows page to check that out. Also, we're setting up our winter tour. We'll be out from January 4-13, if you can help us out with any shows, please email us. From January 4-8, we will be with our friends from Rochester,
STANDFAST. Go to their website and check them out, they're really fucking good. We're also in the market for a new van, so if you have any leads for us, please get in touch. I think that's it for now.


And another month goes by. I'd like to make sure everyone knows we will NOT be playing on Long Island tomorrow. However, we urge you all to go because a lot of great bands are playing, so go support them.



Sorry this hasn't been updated in almost a month, I hope it was worth the wait because... WE FINALLY HAVE OUR NEW CDS!! That's right, you can order our new 7 song cdep "Private Property" directly from us for $7ppd (see our Merch page for ordering info). We're extremely proud of this record, and we hope that you will all get a chance to hear it.

We also have 2 record release shows coming up very soon. This Sunday we're playing at the Westcott Community Center (826 Euclid Ave.) in Syracuse, NY at 6pm with Layton Avenue, 3 Ways til Tuesday, and Darwin Radio. And next Tuesday, we're playing at Ren's house on Long Island at 5pm (7 Olive Pl. in Lynbrook) with the Insurgent (back from a 6 week US/Canada tour!), With Every Idle Hour, Latterman, Sometimes Walking Sometimes Running, and Rachael.

I guess that's it. We should be putting up some pictures from summer tour soon. And there are other shows coming up, just check the shows page.



We're back from tour! It was five weeks of awesome shows, lots of Mexican food, and lots of driving. We'd like to thank (in no particular order) With Every Idle Hour, The Exit, Kaki.O.Badi, Dead Letter Dept., The Insurgent, Latterman, Majority Rule, Shawn and Bev, Tommy Rockstar, Public Libraries everywhere, Matt and Jeff / Greenhouse, Jeremy and the Ed Dohanue House, Matt Roth and Robert, Dina, UTC kids, Dave and Jen Amendment, Billy Regar, Looks Like Rain, Mike and Destination Daybreak, One Minute Revolution, Icky Productions, Nigel and Common Grounds, Emmanuel Nice and Rod Dog, A New Kind of American Saint kids, Dan and the Thunderdome, The Splash, Ammi Keller, Brian and Kelly, Nowe Miasto, Jim Bradford, Gunnar's friend that let us crash, Taco Cabana, High Life House, Ben/ANR, Insurgo, Pintsize, Slackjaw, Last Day Parade, Christupher, Pat Wolfe, PooPoohead, Pirx the Pilot, Running Ragged and the acoustic dude, Aaron and Fawn, Adam, Alex Scott, Dumpster Johnny, Celeste, The BC Ferry, Josia, Zoe and Andy and Jesse and Paul, the Cost, Cody Spencer, Nick from Kelowna, Spencer and Danielle, Jessica, Greg Mcpherson, The Medicine Hat mall, Sears, Dave, Nelson and Nicki, Teddy, Darcy, The Treehouse Collective, Canadian Trivial Pursuit, Humpty, BJ and the Liberty (sorry we didn't make it!), Jeff and Bethany in Regina, Greg from the Net, Mondragon, Propaghandi, Jordy and Dave, The Key, Miles and Joe from Northfield, Anemnesis, Michelle in Chicago, Dave from -tion, BRYCC House, Yan in Grand Rapids, Josh Stein, Justin and Joe in Syracuse, Boxingwater, Shep and the Artspace, Gunboat Records (thanks for the Hugs), and anyone else that we might have forgotten that gave us a floor to sleep on, food to eat, or a show to play. You made our summer.

Extra special thanks and love to Miguel.

We're out of the new CDEPs, but we should be getting some soon. Check back here for updates.


We were up really late last night and here we are early again this morning. But you know what?.....TOUR STARTS TODAY! Yeah!
We still have some gaps in our tour, so if you can help us out with shows or contacts (or anything else) please email us. And to the kids that went to the show at Ren's last night, I'm sorry we were unable to play, I'm sure it was an awesome show.

See y'all in 5 weeks!


Hey everyone. Tour info is up. We're leaving next friday and I'm sitting here trying to finalize everything. There are still some gaps in our tour, so if you can help us out with a show or anything else tour related please get in touch. We should have the new cdep's next week and we're totally psyched abou that. So um, yeah. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I'm psyched that summer's finally here? (I guess I did.)


The 7"s are done! You can order it straight from us! We don't have the new ep's yet, but we should definitely have it by the time we start tour.

We have a new mailing list. Due to a certain degree of ineptitude on my (al) part, the old email list was lost. I've moved what emails I could, but if you haven't gotten an email invite to the new list, you should resubscribe. Just go to our contact page and use our swanky new automatic subscribe form.


Wow, graduation next week.

Anyway, things are pretty exciting around here. Booking for our summer tour is going pretty well (if you can help us out with a show or anything else tour related please get in touch!). We'll be doing some dates with our friends in With Every Idle Hour (from long island), The Exit (ex-loose nuts from NYC), and Kaki.O.Badi (from Indiana). Tour should be pretty rockin.

We're very close to having the Nakatomi Plaza / Latterman split 7"s ready, it'll probably be another 3 weeks or so. Also, it looks like our new cdep should be ready by early June. But for now, if you'd like to hear one of the songs you can download "Miguel" at Gunboat Records.

Also, we've been having some technical difficulties with our e-mailing list. While we're trying to fix the problem, it would be awesome if you could email us if you want to be on the e-mailing list.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm glad that summer's finally here.


This is extremely last minute, but we just got added on to a Piebald show up in NH at Plymouth State. The show is this Saturday at 7pm at the Blue Lodge (27 Greer Rd. - Plymouth, NH).

Also, special thanks to Aaron and Colin for a wonderful show last night at NYU. Thanks to all the kids that made it out and to the bands; we had so much fun.


Hey everyone. We have a new guitarist in the band ... enter Joel, most famous for his bass arobics in The Insurgent! We did our first 2 shows with him this past weekend, one in Long Island and one at UNH. It rocked, and we're proud to have him in our family. Thanks to all the kids that came to the shows this weekend and all the bands (everyone check out Breaking Pangea).

Other important news ... we're proud to announce that our new 7 song cdep will be released by Gunboat Records in June 2001. We finished recording it about a month ago, and we're heading back into the studio with Sean and John this weekend to do the final mix. I'm very happy with the music we've produced, and I am eager for you all to hear it.

Our split 7" with Latterman should be out in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. We have some shows coming up, so please don't be a stranger. And we've begun booking our summer tour. We will be out for 5 weeks in June and July, and as of now we're doing some dates with Long Island's With Every Idle Hour and NYC's The Exit. If you can offer us an help in the way of booking or finding floors to crash on please get in touch with us.

"Let the blood keep coming."


So, it's been awhile since you've seen an update here and as a result, we've got lots of news! We have been playing shows, despite what the shows page may have been communicating so check out the newly updated shows and past shows pages to see what we've been up to and where we're gonna be.

New recordings out! Nakatomi's "I Wish Everyone Was As Smart As Alison" is on the new RokLok Records comp, The Hope Machine, which also features tracks from some great Long Island bands including With Every Idle Hour, Knox Overstreet, De La Hoya, and Latterman. That song will also be appearing with "re: Hey" on the Nakatomi side of our upcoming split 7" with Latterman. The Latterman side will have "Seriously Guys, We Could Take Over The World If We Tried" and "We All Wrote This Song".

We played an awesome show last friday with With Every Idle Hour, Knox Overstreet and Boxing Water in a billiard hall in Manhattan. Thank you to everyone who came out, and all the bands. It only rocked because of you. Hopefully more shows will be able to happen there and we'll finally have another all ages venue in NYC.

We're currently auditioning for a full-time guitarist. If you're interested, email us or call 718.diy.8337.

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